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Does your business need to answer customer questions and queries? Do you work as a team to deliver customer service? Do you want a way to manage your customer enquiries easily and efficiently? 

We here at Shift Solutions have an industry-specific software application for managing this kind of thing, but most of our clients can’t use what we use as it doesn’t fit with their business. 

The good news is we think we’ve found a fantastic solution to help you manage your support and sales conversations with your customers; 

Help Scout is a great tool for managing your customer service and keeping on top of queries.  This great system lets you and your team easily communicate personally and efficiently with your customers, giving them even more reasons to rave about your business and keep coming back.  

Help Scout is powerful enough for any size business; Use a single support mailbox for all your customer inquiries in a small business setting. For a larger business, you can have several mailboxes for different things, such as one for sales, one for support, and another for accounts queries. That way you can get the queries to the right team member fast. 

It’s got great collaboration features, so you can see which team member is helping which client, and it will help you avoid duplicate responses where two team members start working on the same issue at the same time. This adds up to more productivity and better profits for your business.  

It lets you keep internal notes to help deal with more complex issues, and you can even have standard replies for common questions saved into the system to make it just two clicks to get customers the information they need.  

If your business does a lot online, you can integrate Help Scout’s live chat support into your website, and let your customers connect with your team via chat. The system can provide common answers automatically, and when your team needs to be involved, they can provide great customer service quickly thanks to the online chat system.  

I think just about any business could benefit from incorporating a customer interaction management system like this. Why not check it out yourself at helpscout.com ?

Shift Computer Solutions is not affiliated with Help Scout and does not receive any commission from them. If you’d like our help in getting the system setup we can help with the deployment and make sure your team is getting the most out of the system.  

About the Author

Mathew Taylor

For over 20 years, Mathew Taylor and his team have provided I.T. support for hundreds of local business owners. Mathew has been involved in the Goodna Jacaranda Festival for five years, and President for the past 4 years and continues to be active in the community, supporting local community groups. He is passionate about empowering young people to go beyond their circumstances and works closely with Redbank Plains SHS on delivering positive outcomes for many young people.

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