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New Laptops

Laptop class device for mobile professionals

For the mobile professional a laptop class device is the obvious choice. We don’t recommend laptops where the computer will only ever be used in your office, because you’ll get more power and speed from a desktop class computer. Where you have team members who need to work from home, or on the road, then a laptop is the perfect choice.

Types and Warranties

Surface Class Devices

It’s well worth talking to one of our team about what we call “Surface Class Devices”. These devices have detachable keyboards and pens you can write on the screen with. These are great for sales people and technical managers who can have clients sign documents, mark up plans and take notes on the road with the pen quickly and easily. They’re not best for everyone, so make sure you discuss the pro’s and cons with us first.

Lenovo Laptops

For clients that need a more traditional laptop, we recommend Lenovo. They have several ranges that suit many different use cases, are reliable and their service is very good. One size doesn’t fit everyone though, so we will need to talk you through your needs and find the right model for you.

Extended Warranties

We generally recommend you consider extended warranties on new laptops. Laptop repairs are often quite expensive, and so it’s worth spending a few extra dollars so that you can be sure your investment can be paying you back over many years. We can arrange extended warranties for all Lenovo Laptops.

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