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Wifi Systems

Many small businesses take their wifi internet for granted, but at the same time, are often heard
complaining that their internet is slow and unreliable.
Poor quality Wifi equipment is the leading cause of poor quality internet. Add to that the growing
need to access documents and information across your network and inferior Wifi hardware can
really waste your time and cost you money.

Types of Wifi Systems

Office Wifi

For smaller business offices a simple business grade wifi access point will often make all the difference. Making sure that access point is installed in the best possible location will also improve things in most cases.

If you’re relying on the built in wifi in your router, which is usually installed in an out of the way spot that blocks a lot of the signal, then this is a simple and cost effective solution

Large Office / Warehouse Wifi

For larger buildings, warehouses and the like, you’re going to need multiple access points to deliver a great quality signal across the entire property. The cost can start to add up, so what you don’t want to is to over capitalise.

That’s where speaking to one of our Wifi Network specialists can help; We can map out a plan to ensure your office has good wifi signal strength across the entire property with the least number of access points. That way you get the network speed you need with the least hit to your cheque book.

Multi building Wifi

Sometimes a business will be located on a property with more than one physical building that do not share network infrastructure. In cases like these we can deploy point to point wireless network links that can bridge the gap between buildings without the massive cost of digging up the space between them to lay cable.

Range is no issue with our solutions provided we have a point on each building that has direct line of sight, so that the signal is not interfered with. Once the secondary building(s) are connected with can deploy a full wired network internally or deploy wifi access points, depending on the needs of the business.