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Hosted Phone Solution

Shift Computer Solutions is your ideal communications partner. We can custom build you a phone solution that gives you all the specific features that are going to support your business development while keep costs so low you will wonder how it’s even possible!

Our fully hosted solution means rapid deployment, and the ability to have extensions at any location in the world, even on your smart phone!

Plus, you get some new phone numbers (and you keep your existing ones) which means you can look at having dedicated numbers on some of your marketing (such as your website) so you can track the business you are getting.

Why Hosted

Traditionally phone systems require just that, a system, a large expensive box that gets installed in your office. Most businesses already have an outdated and potentially unreliable phone control system installed.

There are some key reasons why we never recommend these solutions:

  • Ongoing maintenance and repair costs
  • Expensive to upgrade
  • Only service a single location
  • Often expensive to relocate

A hosted solution eliminates these issues and gives you an easy to use flexible system that will adapt with your business.

  • Flat fee per month option

    With ISP Connect you can choose the option that best fits your need; Go flat rate and know what your bill will be every month, or choose a flexible package paying for calls as you go.

    With this option you get the added benefit of zero up front hardware costs, giving you great financial flexibility.

  • 1300 / 1800

    ISP Connect are specialists with providing 1300 and 1800 services. Take your business to the next level and include a freecall or 1300 number with your package.

  • Works Anywhere

    Because the solution is hosted, you can take the phones anywhere, and they just work. Take your office phone home to work from home, have phones in multiple locations. It doesn’t matter where the phones are, they work the same and you can transfer calls between them and answer incoming calls.

  • No Setup Fees

    ISP Connect do not charge setup fees to get your new system up and running. We naturally charge for our installation of new equipment or reconfiguration of existing phones. We have a few different ways we can do this, so if you wanted to advertise it this way, we could certainly support it

  • Hardware Rental Option

    If you need a more flexible package, you can choose to purchase the handsets outright up front, or rent them from ISP Connect. Again, whatever works best for you!

  • Tested and Pre-Configured

    When we supply you with new phones, we have them setup and tested before we install them. That makes installation quick, simple and does not significantly impact your work day.

  • Add new phones in minutes

    As your business grows we can add phones very quickly. We can deploy software based phones in minutes or have new desk phones delivered and ready to go soon after your order.

  • No hidden charges

    Unlike some telco’s, ISP Connect does not keep adding fees for standard features of a quality phone system. Everything you see listed in this document is included for the single flat monthly fee.


  • Voicemail to Email

    Where you can’t take a call, have the system record a message left by your caller and have it delivered to you via email, enabling you to listen to it wherever you are on your phone whenever is convenient.

  • Auto Attendant

    Larger businesses may want to route calls to the right person, so we can setup an attendant to ask the caller to press numbers to be directed to certain people or departments.

    Out of Office Attendant

    Setup a special message for when your office is closed, potentially offering callers other options to help them even when you’re not there.

  • Ring Groups

    Determine which extensions ring when calls come in. Other extensions can start ringing if the call is unanswered. The choice is up to you.

  • Simultaneous Ring

    Multiple extensions can ring when a call comes in, you are not limited to a single phone. Enable multiple staff to have the option to pick up incoming calls.

  • Mobile Twinning

    Have your mobile ring at the same time as your office extension.

  • Call Forwarding

    You can have calls forwarded to your mobile or other number if you need to.

  • Emergency call forward

    If your phone system is down for any reason, we can pre configure it to auto divert to a mobile phone so you never miss a call.

  • Missed Call Notification

    You can opt to get emails when you miss calls so you are able to call your clients back.

  • Your music on hold

    You can provide music on hold with messages for your phone system.

  • International Blocking

    We can block calls to international numbers if

  • Software Phones

    For the more tech savvy or mobile staff, we can deploy their extension as a software phone on their laptop computer or mobile phone.

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