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Office Printers

Printers that suit your individual business needs

Too many small business owners whizz down to their local officeworks and pickup a $200 printer when they suddenly find their existing printer has stopped working.

What they don’t realise is that cheap printer is actually costing them hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars.

What you need is a machine that is well suited to your individual business needs.

How to choose

Print Volume

You need to consider the running costs of your new machine, and much of this consideration comes down to how many pages you produce on average. For most small businesses buying a cheap printer will end up costing a small fortune in running costs;

It’s not as simple as just buying a more expensive machine either. Each unit will be best suited to a specific volume of printing, so you need to talk to one of our print specialists to determine what machine that is.

Buy too small a machine and the print costs get you, buy too big a machine and you waste the money up front.


For some small businesses speed is an important factor, and may be worth investing a little more in a more capable machine; If your business does infrequent but large print runs, think about how many pages those print runs amount to and how long that might take to produce. Print speeds can vary a lot so if you do large print runs this is an important consideration.


Most small businesses will purchase an all in one unit so they can scan as well as print. But you need to consider how much scanning you do and what kind of documents you are scanning. The scanning capabilities of a multi function machine are fine for many small businesses but there are some who would benefit greatly from a dedicated scanner which will be much more capable.