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Business Continuity

Backup is fine, but what happens if something really serious happens? You’ll wish you had a disaster prevention solution.

Your data is safe with Datto

Keep your business data protected. Datto’s state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure can protect your business from downtime, even if your physical hardware has been destroyed. Every business relies on data, and Datto can protect your critical information from the most likely form of loss: humans. Accidental deletions, ex-employees, even malicious activity — Datto backs up, protects and allows you to instantly restore accounts and data so business can return to normal.

  • Ensure your data is safe OFFSITE as well as on site
  • Make it fully automated eliminating human error
  • Have it monitored so you know it works working
  • Get a plan to recover in minutes if disaster strikes

Keep running, even during a disaster.

Datto’s Instant Virtualization technology virtualizes systems either locally on the Datto appliance or remotely in Datto’s secure cloud — within seconds. Businesses can operate as usual, and have the time and resources to fix server issues without compromising any data, or incurring any downtime.

Verified peace of mind.

No matter the technology, backups can go wrong. With Datto’s Screenshot Backup Verification, you can sleep soundly knowing every backup has been tested and verified. Datto is able to not only check the integrity of a backup, but actually creates a mock recovery and spins up a virtual machine to verify the backup can be booted in a disaster.

Want to know more?

Book a no obligation consultation with one of our disaster prevention experts today.

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