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Most small business owners don’t know anything about website hosting, and they just run with whatever their web developer sets up for them. This can be a big problem; Often the business owner has no control over the account, and is held to ransom by the hosting provider who can turn their site off at a moments notice. There are plenty of good reasons why your IT Support company should host your website and look after you; After all, web hosting is an IT problem, and connects into other aspects of your business, most importantly, your email.

Why Choose Us

Australian Hosting

Our hosting server is located in Sydney which means your websites will load for your Australian clients much faster than if the site is hosted overseas. Speed is everting, and if your site is not currently hosted in Australia that is reason enough to move.

Top Tier Data Center

Our server is hosted in an Equinix data centre. This means your site has the best connection to the wider internet, we have staff on hand 24/7 in case of trouble and you can be sure your site is going to stay up while lower tier data centres have issues.

Under Provisioned

The majority of web hosting services provision many many more (often thousands more) websites than their server hardware can realistically handle. They get away with it because most sites are pretty quiet most of the time; But what this means is at peak times your site is going to slow down, and your customers are going to give up and go elsewhere.

Our hosting server is massively UNDER provisioned, meaning every visitor to your website gets to it quickly without delay. In fact, the normal load average on our server is just 2% !


Our server is backed up daily; Sometimes despite your web developers best efforts, something goes wrong, and if it does, we can roll your website back and get you back online fast.

Our backups are stored in a different data centre than our server is hosted, so we are protecting our clients websites against just about any kind of disaster you can imagine.

Free Premium Plugins

If you have a wordpress website, you’re in luck! We provide our clients with a range of premium plugins to make your site even more awesome without costing you an extra cent. The key benefits are;


We provide a caching and speed plugin to make your site faster


We provide a security plugin to lock down your wordpress site against attackers

Image Size

We include a plugin to reprocess all your website images, making them smaller and thus making your whole site run even faster.


If you need new forms, one of our premium plugins makes it easy to create awesome web forms for your visitors to fill out, and can even save the submissions in a database on the website, which you can export to excel.

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