Secure your business with this easy solution

Power Filters Multi Factor Authentication or MFA for short, is something that is virtually zero cost to implement, provides a massive leap in security, and yet, many small businesses don’t take advantage of it. MFA is a process where in order to gain access to a system, you have to provide two things. One thing is something you know, such as a password, and the second thing should be something you have, like your mobile phone. Without both of these things, the service or system...

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Upgrade your customer service

Power Filters Does your business need to answer customer questions and queries? Do you work as a team to deliver customer service? Do you want a way to manage your customer enquiries easily and efficiently?  We here at Shift Solutions have an industry-specific software application for managing this kind of thing, but most of our clients can’t use what we use as it doesn’t fit with their business.  The good news is we think we’ve found a fantastic solution to help...

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Windows 3.0 is 30 Years old!

Power Filters May 1990 saw the introduction of Windows 3.0, the first truly mainstream version of Windows that set the stage for computing ever since.  Moving on from DOS Windows 3.0 was the first version of windows to really get traction and give computer users a genuine step forward from the MS DOS days.  MS DOS is an operating system most readers of our site would not even understand, being just a command line interface, with no mouse and no picture.  With multi tasking starting...

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How to give your staff a tablet without giving yourself a headache

Power Filters Increasingly business owners are finding value in providing their front line staff with some sort of tablet computer to use, be it an android based unit or an iPad, there are many good use cases for this technology that can really help your business. So you’ve decided equipping your team with such a device is the way to go, but how you do you achieve that without causing yourself a massive headache now, and in the future? Choose Wisely The most important step in the...

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