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Systems Development

If you need business systems

we can help you build them.

When did you last take a fully unplugged holiday? Do you always have your phone on, are you always checking your emails, do have to stay connected just in case something goes awry in your business?

Do you find yourself saying things like;

“There’s way too much for me to be doing right now – there’s just no way!” Or,
“Are you kidding me? My business would come to a screeching halt if I left!”

What you need are business systems, and we can help you build them.

You don’t have to worry

Developing business systems does take a lot of work.

You need to invest some time in planning and building your business systems, but the reward are huge. Every individual system you create and use to train your team is one less thing you have to worry about.

Eventually, there is nothing left for you to worry about, and you can focus on more important things!

There is a simple 4 step way to create systems for your business;

Step 1

Take Inventory

Work out what things your business does on a regular or semi regular basis. Normally you should start with all the things YOU are still doing, as those are going to free you up to do more. In most modern small businesses, there are a LOT of things going on. Don’t be put off, just make a list of the top 10, and start there.

Step 2

Create a process

Now take each of these tasks and work out the basic process for getting it done. Document in step by step form what each step in the process would be. This is a great moment to reflect on if your business has gotten too complicated. Are there way too many steps? Too many “ifs and buts” in the process. If that’s you, take a hard look and see what you can let go of to make things simpler.

A great example of this is pricing. If you have multiple pricing tiers, special discounts for certain clients, and other complexities, it makes it really hard for your team to quote your solutions; So consider simplifying the process so it’s quick and easy to get to yes!

This is a great step to book some time with one of our process consultants who can give you ideas and act as a sounding board to help you get things nailed down. We can also suggest if any steps in your process might be easily automated or made easier with the technology you already own.

Step 3

Document and Implement

Now you need to create very detailed documentation on how to complete the work. Our team can help you with this step in many ways; We can help you setup a software package that will encompass all your systems and processes and make it easy for all your team to find what they need, and make it easy for you to know they have actually done the training!

We can also help you create process training videos; You’d be surprised how fast and easy they are to create, and having videos as part of your systems makes training your team that much easier.

Would you like to learn more? Book a 30 minute call with one of our process consultants today and discuss how we can help you systemise your business for increased profitability.