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New Computers

Computers that suit your individual needs

When buying new computers for your office it’s important that the computers are capable of what you need and reliable for the long term. A cheap box from the corner store isn’t going to give your business the productivity you need to get your work done and stay profitable.

At Shift Computer Solutions we use and recommend Intel NUC workstations. These units are very well put together, extremely reliable, and as a bonus, take up little space on your desk.

We start with the Intel i5 CPU range, because we know the cheaper chips just don’t provide the performance you and your team need to get basic office work done, let alone complex spreadsheets, brochures and other documents.

We create you a custom proposal that includes the ram, storage and other peripherals and services that suit your individual needs, so you get exactly what you need and don’t waste money on stuff you don’t.

Features and Benefits

Ready to Go with Windows 10

Built on the latest Intel® Core™ processors and jam-packed with Intel® technologies, you get all the performance you need in a PC no taller than a tennis ball.

Small, But Mighty

The performance you need for content creation, photo editing, or complex work, and optimized for Microsoft Office

Ready to Entertain

Immerse yourself in 4K Ultra HD with the latest videos and movies.

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