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Security Cameras

Camera Security Systems

Before you deploy a security camera solution consider your options carefully. Most solutions on the market today suffer from a range of problems including;

  • Little to no ability to expand the system
  • Poor quality software for viewing cameras and saving footage
  • Systems easily compromised by outside attackers
  • Little to no support if something goes wrong
    Poor quality video

We’ve seen it all before; So before you get trapped with a system that causes you more problems than it solves, consider an advanced camera security system from Shift Computer Solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Expandable

    Our camera solutions are all using simple network cabling, so adding more cameras is a snap; There is no need for custom cabling back to an expensive and cumbersome DVR, just connect new cameras to the network and you’re all set.

  • 4K Option

    For those needing higher grade video for extra security, we have 4K cameras available to give that extra detail.

  • Access from Anywhere – SECURELY

    Our camera solutions can be access on your phone or via the web. So what? The difference is our systems are SECURE, you aren’t going to suddenly find someone is spying on you or worse still, plotting a break in using your own security footage!

  • Custom Recording Options

    Don’t waste valuable space recording when nothing is happening; With our cameras you can specify an area in the frame to monitor for movement, and just save recordings when things are actually going on. Configuring the system in this way means you are going to be able to record a whole lot more video with the same storage capacity.

  • Configure different live views

    For larger sites, you may have, for example, exterior cameras and interior cameras. With our solution you can define multiple “views” that include specific cameras, and switch between them with ease, so you can keep an eye on the areas that are most important and switch between them as that importance changes.

  • Recordings are secure too

    All your security recordings are stored on your own secure hardware in your office, not on a cloud server.