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Backup Solutions

Hybrid File Backup

Great for very small businesses who just need to protect their local documents and files. Keep your files safe, secure and quickly restore them in the event of a disaster.

Total System Backup

Protect your files, plus protect your line of business software, systems, configurations and process. Backup your entire server or key workstations and get the ability to restore the software as well as your key files.

Why File Backup?

  • Protects your files and documents

    Our file backup solution takes a backup copy of every word document, excel spreadhseets, photo, and all your other documents, and then proactively updates this backup each day for all the files you’ve changed, added or removed.

  • 28 Day Change Retention

    Did you accidentally delete a file last week? Drop a paragraph by accident? No problem, with a proper backup solution in place we can simply and quickly restore the file from last week and you can get on with your work without having to redo that work from scratch.

  • Daily Snapshot

    File backups are taken nightly so your days work is safe and secure.

    Helps with Ransomware

    If you are unlucky enough to get hit with an encryption file attack, you have at least got all your files protected and easily restorable. You’ll still need to get your computer(s) disinfected first, but you won’t have lost anything.

Why System Backup?

  • Protects your software

    Having a full system backup means your software is also protected; Be able to restore not only your documents and files but the software that creates them and keeps your business running. The time saved having this level of protection can be huge where special line of business apps require detailed licencing and setup steps to install.

  • Keeps the little stuff safe

    Your browser plugins. Internet Favourites. The email addresses that auto fill in Outlook when you start typing someones name. All this little bits and pieces are overlooked in a basic file backup, but taking an entire system backup will protect all these settings and configurations and let you get back to work much faster.

  • Solves Ransomware

    Having a complete system backup means if you fall victim to a ransomware attack, it’s fast and simple to recover the machine. The only safe resolution when attacked by malware is to wipe the machine and start again, but with a full system backup, you can start again right where you left off before being attacked, instead of spending days getting everything setup from scratch.

  • Regular Integrity Checks

    Our system regularly checks your system backups and ensures they are all intact and able to be used for restores. Without checking and re-checking, it’s easy for backups to be come corrupted, and when you need them, not be there.

  • Hourly Snapshots

    Complete system snapshots are taken every hour, enabling you to make restores closer to the time of the incident and ultimately saving you more time by not having to redo things.

Did you know that 29% of lost data is caused by simple human error?

Fast Restores

Our solutions let us get your lost files or system back very quickly, saving you downtime and hassles

Fully Managed

Our team are checking your backups so you know they are working

Integrity Checking

Backup data is checked for integrity, and we fix any corruption if it occurs

Offsite Storage

Your backups are stored both locally AND offsite for complete protecion

Unlimited Storage

Our solutions grow with your needs so there’s no worry about hitting a limit

24 Hour Protection

Snapshots can be taken as often as required to provide maximum safety

Keep your information safe with our backup service

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