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Email Solutions

Reliable email platform

Email has become the backbone of business communications, and while it’s far from a perfect system, it’s what we use every day to communicate with our suppliers, clients and colleagues.

Having a reliable email platform with the ability to work productively from anywhere is critical to your business success.

We use and recommend Microsoft Exchange Online because it is the only email solution that ticks all the boxes;


Exchange Online grows as you need it, with effectively unlimited storage for even the most extreme users. You’ll never need to worry about deleting emails again, just get on with your work day!


Microsoft have been building server technology longer than some of us have been alive, and it shows, with their solutions being extremely secure against hackers. Using the latest technologies when we deploy the solution for you we make it virtually impossible for your mail to be attacked.

Spam Control

While there is no magic bullet for the problem of spam, the server learns over time what is spam and what isn’t and most of our clients report receiving little or no spam at all! Get your email under control so you can spend less time dealing with junk emails.


Want to take things to the next level? Talk to us about your business processes where it comes to email; With Exchange Online we can integrate with other services and create automation to help you get more work done faster.

Business Continuity

Because Exchange Online is a fully hosted server solution, you able to continue working and dealing with important emails no matter what happens. You can always get access to your emails from any device, in any location, any time you need to. So even if your normal computer crashes, or you can’t get to the office, we can get you into your email.

Deletion Prevention

Got a situation where you can’t afford to risk a user deleting emails? No problem; Exchange Online retains deleted emails for 30 days so we can retrieve them if something happens; Plus, if you find yourself in a longer term situation, we can place a permanent hold on the mailbox preventing the user from deleting emails at all.


As part of the service you get a calendar that will show up on your smart phone, making it easy to keep up with your meetings and appointments. You can share your calendar with other users to allow them to set appointments for you, and you can even setup an appointments web page where people can book time with you if you want to make it easy for your clients to arrange meetings with you.


We can migrate all your contacts into the service as well; This means they will automatically show up on your smart phone, and when it’s time to upgrade your phone, you won’t need to worry about transferring them, or syncing the phone, as all you need to do is put your account onto the new phone and all your contacts will magically appear!

We’ve seen countless business people struggle with managing their contacts information, and this is by far the easiest and quickest way to solve that issue forever.

Magical Signatures

Magical Signatures
Are you tired of always having to manage your email signatures? Do you hate the fact that when sending email from your phone you can’t have the same awesome signature you have when you send using your computer?

Those days are over; We can deploy a simple and effective email signature solution that will automatically fill in each member of staffs name, position, phone and email address, and will be added to every email they send, from ANY device. We build your awesome signature once, and you never have to worry about it again.

Plus, if you change your logo, your phone number or move offices, we can simply login and update this information once, and every email from every user after that automatically has the right information.

Never worry about email signatures again!

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