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Remote PC Support

Did you know …

that 78% of problems reported to us can be fixed without a technician coming out to see you? It wasn’t that long ago that you had two options, bring your computer in to a service centre or wait for a technician to come out and see you.

Fortunately, this archaic ritual is a thing of the past!
We deploy secure, high speed remote access to client PC’s enabling us to work with you over the
phone to solve most issues that arise from time to time. This slick solution lets us show you how to
get the results your looking for and lets you see what we’re doing while we work to resolve your

  • What is Remote Support?

    Are you time poor? Have a deadline looming? Do you value your privacy, or is having a technician visit you just a bit impractical right now?

    These are just some of the reasons many clients choose to get their problems fixed via remote support. We can fix or configure software, check for virus and malware infections, install new software, investigate why your computer might be slowing down and so much more.

    So whether you live in Perth, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, or Sydney, there isn’t a place in Australia that we don’t support.

  • So when is Remote Support not possible?​

    We can fix a lot of issues remotely, but if your computer can’t get a reliable internet connection or is having some other serious problem, then we are going to need to come and see you. Perhaps you have a problem with a printer or scanner or need help setting up your smart phone. These are all things that are best handled in person, so book yourself an onsite visit and we’ll take care of it!

  • So how do I get you to help me remotely?​

    One of our awesome team of technicians will establish a connection to your computer or laptop. We use a secure software system for doing this so there is no chance of hackers piggy backing a ride into your computer. At any point during the process you can ask the technician questions and they’ll be happy to answer them.


How can I get help right now?

Step 1


Use your phone to ring us on


ALTERNATIVELY, fill out the contact form below at the bottom of this page.

Step 2


We direct you to one of our websites to download special software.

And we’ll provide you with a 5-digit access code.

Step 3

We Fix It

We connect to your device and get the problem fixed while you watch us.


Step 4

All Done

We uninstall our software effectively removing our remote access. We also take payment over the phone and generate your receipt!


Do you need remote IT Support?

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