Hosted Telephone Systems

Your phone system works, but does it help streamline your business? You’ll be surprised what a Telegate system can do.

Your phones on steroids.

A Telegate hosted PABX brings every world class feature you could expect from a state of the art phone system to your business, without actually need to spend all the money on such a phone system. Our innovative solution puts all the power in the cloud, leaving you to focus on what you do best, while Telegate deliver the features you need to make your business succeed.

  • Very low up front costs as there is no physical system to install
  • Moving office is as simply as unplugging the phones and plugging back in
  • Easily expand your office, interstate or overseas

Speed up call handling

Have your incoming calls interactively handled so they get routed to exactly the right person. Setting up an IVR is easy and you have it up and running in minutes.

Route calls to the right person in your office, the right office in Australia or anywhere in the world. The choice is yours.

A big advantage of Hosted PABX is that your entire telephone system is conveniently managed by us.  As a result it frees up more time for you to focus on the important part of your business—like generating income. Plus, with advanced features like 3-way calling, call transferring, on-hold-music, direct phone numbers and much more, it can have a hugely positive impact on your business efficiency and productivity.

Never Miss a Message

Telegate captures every opportunity for your business. Even when you can’t take the call, a voicemail is saved and can be emailed to the right area for listening and review.

Easily grab your voice mails on your smart phone while you’re on the go and ensure your clients are always in touch.

The Telegate service is by far so much better than other Telcos. They are worlds apart. Telegate get things done with no waiting and have been a great help in setting up the solution. The product is good, the service is fantastic; I am already recommending them to my colleges.

Expand when you need to

Every asked your phone vendor to add a couple of new handsets and been told you’ll have to upgrade the PABX and spend thousands of dollars?

Not anymore. Just plug in the new handsets and they auto setup and are ready for use in minutes.

Plus, you can add them anywhere in the world, and transfer calls to and from them immediately.

Fixed Price Options

Make plenty of calls? You have the option to go with our fixed price plan with all your calls included.

Ready to transform your business?

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