How your business could benefit from A3 Colour printing

How your business could benefit from A3 Colour printing

One thing that’s important to your business is to stand out from your competition. You probably have focused on going beyond expectations in your customer service, or perhaps working on innovative new ideas. Yet have you ever though about how your office printing can create a professional edge in your business and help you win more deals? In a crowded market, first impressions count. When you are presenting your business to a potential new client, you are going to want to make sure your printed documents represent your company in a professional, visually stunning way.

The print quality of your documents can impact your clients opinions of your business and ultimately influence the likelihood of them spending their money with you. So the question you should ask yourself is: should you print your marketing materials in house or outsource your work to a professional print service?

The assumption is usually that a high quality A3 colour printer is going to be too expensive for a small business office. However, the truth is that it’s not as costly as you might think, and when you look at the total picture, the benefits can create real value for your business. Here is how your business can benefit from printing quality marketing materials in house.

The Real Cost of Quality Colour Printing In-House

As we mentioned above, it is common for people to believe that investing in, and running, a high quality A3 Colour Printer is too expensive, making in-house printing a non-viable option. However, thanks to modern technology, today there are quality A3 Colour Printers perfect for small businesses, that are more affordable than you think.

In a recent Consumer Insights Survey, small business owners were asked what motivates them to print in black and white rather than colour. A significant 60.9% of respondents suggested they print in black and white because they think the cost is lower. The truth, however, is that the cost of in-house colour printing can be as low as $5.00 per day.


The Benefits of Printing In-house

Now that you’re aware how affordable A3 Colour Printers can be, let’s look at the benefits of in-house printing.

  • Increase flexibility. Your business will have the available resources to print when you need to without the need to get budget approval or planning ahead.
  • Control volumes. You can control how much you print and if you need to make any last minute adjustments you can easily do so.
  • Produce and deliver on the same day. If you need to produce a quality print-out for a client quickly, you can easily do so when you have an A3 Colour Printer in-house.
  • Monitor jobs in real time. Check up on your marketing material print jobs on your own timeline.
  • Cut costs. No need to pay mark-up and processing fees of a professional printing agency.
  • Increase revenue. The initial investment of an A3 Colour Printer will pay itself off once it starts helping you to win more business.
  • Improved cashflow. The ability to print short-runs, on-demand eliminates the need to commit to large print-runs (and more of your hard-earned cash) with external printshops.

Choosing an A3 Colour Printer for Your Business

At Fuji Xerox Printers, we believe the benefits of bringing your printing back in-house with your very own A3 Colour Printer far outweigh any monetary concerns (not that there are many). The creative control, working to your own schedule and saving money are huge benefits for your business.

If you decide you’re ready to bring A3 colour printing back in-house, you now need to think about the right printer for your business, and we have just the one.

Meet The DocuCentre SC2020

Amazing quality and affordable in-house colour printing has previously been seen as ‘out of reach’ for SMEs. However, that’s all changed thanks to Fuji Xerox’s DocuCentre SC2020. The DocuCentre SC2020 is the ideal A3 colour printing solution for all kinds of small businesses. The secret of the SC2020? It lies within its EA-Eco toner, which is created using emulsions aggregation technology to form toner particles that are finer and more uniform than normal toners, which produce a much higher image quality.

We created the SC2020 specifically for the small business market. It features a colour print/copy speed of 20 pages per minute, high-resolution colour print capability and features that meet the needs of the small business segment. It is the easiest and most affordable A3 colour printing option on the market, giving small businesses access to affordable in-house A3 colour printing.