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Google Panda – What you need to know.

06.01.11 Posted in Hints and Tips by

The Google Panda update is really a game changer when it comes to search as well as website position. The last time search engines updated their own search algorithm that much was in 2007 with the Google Florida update, which reduced links as well as PageRank as well as re-arranged the search engine results for a large number of websites. This time around it’s absolutely no different.

Google’s update is really a clear effort to improve the actual organic search engine results by degrading the present spam websites which dirty them. To do, this it’s upgraded its algorithm to consider specific ‘signature’ components which right now mark a website which contains spam content material.

By knowing what the actual characteristics of the spam website are in the perspective from the Google internet search engine you may reverse-engineer it and start to understand what you ought to do to be able to stop your site from becoming adversely suffering from the Panda new update.

What Search engines Considers now to become ‘Spam’ Web sites

1. Websites along with content that isn’t sufficiently unique – it doesn’t matter if your articles are item descriptions (which is actually iterated often across the actual web) or you’re reporting a thing that has happened and may therefore not really have a lot of freedom by using it. Google now really wants to see authority meaning originality is actually key.

2. Websites that are keyword crammed and that are a little outdated in their own content additionally flag Google’s brand new filter with regard to spam web sites.

3. Scraped content material or content that has been introduced from additional websites is actually of specific risk because Google right now values creativity above the majority of content under consideration. This penalizes, for instance, the eCommerce websites with item descriptions that repeat specs posted on countless other websites. Also, it penalizes those who have been focusing on a little budget to obtain in just as much content as you possibly can by purchasing it through Content Plantation websites.

4. Websites that have poor navigability as well as a high desertion rate, all proved through Google’s unknown gathering known as Click Thru Rates (CTRs) will even feel the actual might from the Panda sledge hammer.

If your site has any of these no-no’s, you are likely to be tripping Google’s flags and can probably observe declining visitors. If you’ve got a combination of a number of these types of issues turning up on your site you will need to start thinking of how to proceed about it and just start doing the work.

The greatest message from the Google Panda revision is that if you are not ready to take quick, actionable learning to make your web site appear stable and associated with value towards the web, Google will pretend it is invisible thereby making it so. In other words, take your time and allow in your budget for your business’ website to be as full of quality content as possible.  This will ensure that your rankings stay at the level that you require for your business’ stability.

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