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October, 2009

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Get Windows 7 help via Twitter

10.22.09 Posted in Hints and Tips by

Direct from the horses mouth;

Today Microsoft launched @MicrosoftHelps, a new Twitter handle that provides customers around the world with help and information on Windows 7, in English.  Through this social medium, Microsoft will monitor and respond to real-time Windows 7 tweets and use them to improve the information, support and experience customers have with Windows 7.

Through Twitter, customers will have better access to help when, how and where they need it, key to Microsoft’s vision for customer support.  The @MicrosoftHelps team consists of experienced social media agents with extensive knowledge about support resources to get answers to customers questions. In addition to responding to direct tweets, they will monitor the Twittersphere and suggest resources to tweets about Windows 7 problems, issues or questions.

Windows 7 is here!

10.22.09 Posted in News by

Windows 7 is here and it brings with it a host of improvements to the worlds favourite computer operating system. We are super excited about it being available to the public for the first time, as we’ve been running it internally for a while now, and it is spectacular. Here are some great reasons to think about deploying it sooner rather than later;

Windows 7 is more reliable; learning from all the hiccups of the past, especially from the 8 year old Windows XP, the team at Redmond have developed what is probably the most reliable version of Windows ever. I don’t recall having a single problem with it, even when running pre release versions that are supposed to be buggy.

Security has been improved; Microsoft have tweaked up user account control, improved the way security issues are reported to the user and given the whole security architechure a rev up. Considering the host of flaws present in Windows XP, this is a good reason to move up.

Aero Glass / Peek / Shake are quite useful new interface tools. I particularly like the new snap feature, where I can grab a window, drag it to the side of the screen, and it snaps to take up exactly half of the display. Aero peek, where you hover over an icon on your task bar and a thumbnail of the window is displayed, is also super handy.

The new task bar in Windows 7 is awesome; You can pin your favourite applications to it so they are always just a click away; Multiple instances of a program don’t add up to multiple icons though, they stack up, and you can use Aero peek to see them all. Plus, you can right click the icon on the task bar and get a jump list of tasks that program can do.

XP Mode; If you are stuck with an outdated software program you cannot replace just yet, and that program refuses to run on anything more modern than Windows XP, then you can take advantage of Windows XP Mode in Windows 7, which we have tested, and lets you run your app in a Windows XP virtual machine; The application runs just like any other app, so you can keep on working without a worry.

These are just some of the reasons I think Windows 7 is the first “must have” upgrade since Windows 95. Now that you can have it, give us a call and find out the best way for you to upgrade.

Crazy new robot

10.21.09 Posted in Videos by

We thought you might like to checkout this crazy new robot, which uses “jamming skin” to move around;

Photography Tips

10.15.09 Posted in Hints and Tips by

We came across this post from Photo Focus and thought some of our clients might be interested in some tips on how to improve your photography without spending money on new and fancy camera’s. Let us know if these times help you!

Ultra Slow Motion Video

10.15.09 Posted in Videos by

It’s been a while since we last posted a video to the site, so here is a bit of time wasting fun, a bunch of slow motion video;

Norman anti virus is eating 7Zip

10.15.09 Posted in News by

Over the past few days we’ve had a variety of reports of problems from our clients running Norman Anti Virus software; Many problems related to backup software systems that were giving strange new errors relating to 7Zip.

7Zip is a file compression program that you can use to “squash” files into smaller packages to free up space, and many backup solutions including our Managed Backup solution, use it.

For some reason, Norman anti virus has started detecting 7Zip as a trojan, which of course, it is not; It is deleting the programs executable part, so that from then on, the program cannot operate, and in some cases, backups stop working;

Our clients who have migrated across to ESET anti virus need not be concerned, as this anti virus package is not having this issue. Clients who are taking advantage of our Managed Backup Solution also can breathe easy, because if this problem occurs for them, we will automatically fix it for you!

If you would like more information about upgrading to ESET anti virus, drop us an email at support at

As always, if you are concerned you may have a problem, give us a ring at the office on 3814 1131 straight away!

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