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April, 2006

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The CD Throwing Lego Machine

04.29.06 Posted in News by

This has to be the coolest bit of Lego I’ve seen in a while. It throws CD’s over 6 metres!

Landmine proof shoe!

04.29.06 Posted in News by

Well this is cool, shoes that make it possible to walk unharmed through a minefield! If they work as advertised, I reckon this company will make a small fortune!

Large Storage iPod Nano?

04.23.06 Posted in Hints and Tips by

Rumours have begun that Apple is due to roll out new iPod Nano’s featuring up to 10 gig of storage.

To be honest, my 2 Gig Nano holds more than enough music and podcasts than I can listen to in a week (well, more probably a month), but I guess having 10 gig of storage in your pocket is no bad thing.

Speaking of having 10 gig in your pocket, you should know that you can get 60 gig of storage in your pocket for under $300, give us a call. :-)

Need a 2nd Life?

04.23.06 Posted in Uncategorized by

I was listening to a podcast today and heard about 2nd life. Its a virtual world where you can do just about anything. It sounds very cool, you can create things in the virtual world and if others like them, they can buy them from you.

So, if you need a 2nd life, check it out, but if you’re like me, and your 1st life is already too busy, give it a miss :-)

Intels new ultra low power CPU

04.22.06 Posted in News by

Now this is cool; Intel have announced their new Core Solo CPU’s for notebooks run at such low power that manufacturers are able to make notebooks without CPU cooling fans.

This should make for some cheaper, lighter and smaller notebooks, which is all good!

Holographic Storage?

04.22.06 Posted in News by

Daewoo Electronics are touting the first ever holographic storage system.

No word on how much data it will hold, how fast it goes and how much it will cost, so I am wondering just what the point is.

The Creation of the famous THX sound.

04.22.06 Posted in News by

For those who like trivia, check out this interview with the guy who created the famous THX sound.

Thorium the new energy source?

04.14.06 Posted in News by

The ABC has a report on the use of Thorium as a nuclear fuel source, with many advantages over conventional nuclear reactors.

Happy Easter!

04.13.06 Posted in News by

A very happy Easter to all our valued clients. I hope everyone has a great time, and don’t eat too many easter eggs!

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